Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Shipping boxes are used to protect goods when they are in transit of being moved and this can be used to store many sundry items. The manufacturers have become more environmentally conscious and have started making environment friendly boxes. These cardboard boxes have proved to be extremely useful for packing fresh vegetables and fruits. These boxes are designed to protect the goods effectively from mechanical shocks and jerks that are something which comes inevitably during their transportation. Such boxes are very different from the simple cardboard boxes.

The primary material that will be used for the manufacturing of such products is a special board called Corrugated Cardboard. These contain the special design which makes the box very different from the normal cardboard boxes. These contain an air column which makes the corrugated box more durable and adds strength to the box. Since these boxes are to be used to transport very heavy material and objects they require a form of cushioning on the sides to prevent any damage from transporting these objects. There is a unique mixture that is being used to make these custom corrugated boxes for shipping purposes. The mixture has an excess ingredient of adhesive and paper which is combined at very high temperatures to make the box. Further on there are air columns of two or three layers which are provided to these columns and this makes these boxes very sturdy. These are known by the name of liners or flute which is the main component of the box which makes the box gain strength and stiffness.

These corrugated boxes are what makes these shipping boxes and it is used to transport goods for the households and the industries for a plethora of reasons.

• The surface of the boxes can be easily painted. Thus these boxes can be used for branding and other marketing purposes as well. There are certain designs and logos that a company might want to be mentioned on the box and through flexography or lithography this is quite possible.

• These corrugated cardboard boxes can be easily cut and then folded according to your needs and thus can be effectively used to pack items of different sizes and shapes.

• These corrugated shipping boxes have a very high capacity of burst and tensile strength. Thus they are ideal for moving heavy articles over long journeys too.

• The variety that you can find in these boxes is a lot. These are available in flute size or board types, and then there is a special chemically treated box. There are some boxes that are made with a special coating which is good for control protection and also an effective flame retardant.

There are numerous types of corrugated shipping boxes that are available and these depend upon the stock of the vendor. There are some Industrial packing supplies which are offered to pack any type of packing material that you would want. These provide specializes sheets for special purposes.


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