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Corrugated boxes are made of paper-based material consisting of fluted corrugated sheets and one or two flat linerboards. These corrugated boxes are designed to take the rigor associated with transportation and to withstand the wear and tear of shipping.

Corrugated boxes are four categories viz. custom, gift, moving, packing and storage boxes. Each has their own specific use and meets specific needs of the buyer. Considering the fact that trees are cut in the process of creating any paper, the eco-friendly buyer can look for recycled paper being used to construct the boxes selected.

Custom Box Buying

Custom corrugated boxes are to meet a specific need; maybe to hold and move a special object of interest. The buyer chooses the length, width and height; box ply value, the GSM, logo and the box color and the quantity. The boxes are made to order; can be ordered online.

Gift Box Buying

A gift box is required to precariously protect the gift being shipped. Gift boxes come in three standard types - small, medium and large. The decision is how many boxes of what size are required to hold the gifts. Small comes in standard dimensions (5"x5"x5", 4"x4"x4",6"x4"x4");Medium has standard dimensions (12"x6"x8", 12"x4"x7", 12"x3"x9")and Large standard dimensions (12"x6"x12", 18"x4"x12", 20"x4"x12").

Moving Box Buying

Moving is a big hassle; worrisome it is getting all the stuff at your home to your new home or to storage. Getting appropriate moving boxes ensures that the rigors of the transportation will not leave an indelible mark on your household stuff.

Moving boxes need to be comfortable to pack and accommodate all the kitchen utensils, bathroom toiletries, living room memorabilia, fragile electronics like televisions and your closet in entirety - clothes, shoes and children's toys.

When buying look for the appropriate size considering the space to be occupied in the chosen transportation. The dimensions really do not matter as long as all the boxes fit into the transport vehicle. Smaller sized boxes can be handled easier to load and unload.

Packing Box Buying

Packing boxes above all need strength and also need to be light enough not to add excess weight to the already heavy household stuff packed.

Packing boxes are same as moving boxes except that they need to be stronger even when heavier. When buying packing boxes, look for strength to withstand other boxes of similar size and weight being stacked up above them. The edges and sides need to be sturdier.

Storage Box Buying

Storage becomes an option when there is an unexpected move. These sudden moves require storage as a temporary safe house for your household / office stuff. These cardboard boxes are a cost-effective storage solution for magazines, periodicals, and letter-sized materials. The sturdy, corrugated construction withstands usage on a desk or shelf. Storage can be for the entire set of things in one's house. That requires very sturdy boxes which can withstand many boxes being stacked up on them.


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