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When we are moving our house, pack our less used stuff, store old books, or mail all the heavy weight items, the first thing we have to choose or decide on is the size of the corrugated boxes that will suit our particular requirement. These custom corrugated boxes have become a part of our daily lives; we can easily find them anywhere and everywhere starting from super markets, grocery stores and many such places. The corrugated boxes are made out of a fiber material obtained from paper. The word 'corrugated' indicates a material that is shaped into alternating grooves and ridges. The corrugated boxes are made up of liner boards and flutes; the flute sheets are arranged in a wave like pattern and are made up of fiber materials. The flute sheets are placed between the liner boards. The strength of the corrugated boxes depends on the count of the liners and flutes present in each box. The wide acceptance and usage of corrugated boxes all around the world for shipping, industrial and commercial activities is due to the strength and reliability these boxes offer.

Manufacturing process

The corrugated boxes are manufactured in specialized factories or facilities known as 'box plants'. Corrugated boxes are manufactured from corrugated paper boards which are thicker and stiffer than the cardboards.


• The order for manufacturing is taken depending upon the requirement and where the boxes have to be used.

• Then depending on the use of the box, the number of liners and flutes will be decided. There are several types of these boards and they are as follows:

Single Face Corrugated board - It has a layer of liner which is attached to the corrugated medium and it is used for packing light weight materials and objects such as bulbs etc.
Single Wall Corrugated board - This board has two liners and a corrugating medium is placed between the two liners. Single wall corrugated boards are the most common types of boxes which we see on a day to day basis.
Double Wall Corrugated Board - In these types of boxes, an extra liner is placed along another corrugated medium. Double walled corrugated boards are very strong and more expensive too. These boxes are used for packing heavy items such as furniture.
Triple Walled Corrugated Board - These boards have four liners and three corrugating mediums making them even tougher and stronger.

Then the corrugated paper is passed along the corrugated line where the heat, pressure and glue will be used to manufacture these boxes. The corrugated paper will go through the converting machines, flexo- folder gluers, Die- cut machines, a rotary die cutter and flat die cutter procedures before being converted into easy to pack and ship boxes. These boxes are indeed a gift to the people in the shipping industry.
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