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Widely used in the food service industry, corrugated boxes are popular for their qualities like usability, reusability and portability. They are ideal for the packaging of processed foods. Corrugated boxes of pizza help keep pizzas fresh and free from damage, especially when they have to be transported from one place to another.

Corrugated pizza boxes for safe storage

Pizzas stored in corrugated boxes is not easily damaged and are completely protected from various external factors such as humidity, vibration, shock, compression and more. It's the kind of material used in the manufacture of pizza boxes and the actual construction of the box that makes corrugated boxes ideal for storage pizzas.

The cardboard that is generally used for pizza boxes one wall is corrugated. In this model, two flat outer sheets of paper (coverings or liners) are stuck on a fluted or corrugated inner sheet (medium). Compared with boxes of cardboard pizza, pizza cartons provide substantial resistance stacking improved heat retention and increased protection against damage. The corrugated pizza boxes also crush resistant. In other words, it can contain a hot pizza will not be crushed when several pizza boxes are placed on top of it. Stacking strength depends on how it is constructed and the pizza box also in the pattern of grooves and weight of corrugated paper.

Corrugated boxes are lightweight and durable. The boxes come with excellent waterproof and resistant to stains and grease. The boxes come in different sizes, styles and designs. The print quality models are popular.

Online retailers for bulk purchases

A wide range of corrugated boxes on the market. When buying a stock of boxes for pizza, the best option would be to buy online. You can compare prices and features of different models and make an appropriate choice. In addition, shopping wholesale online providers that give you good discounts.
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