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In antiquity, the main function of packaging is limited to containment as a water bag (made of animal skin) that is used to store water. But today, the key objective of the package is about protection, transport and the transport of the goods to the final destination of consumption. The size of the packaging industry in India is approximately U.S. $ 15.5 billion and is expected to grow by 15 percent annually. The reasons have been given a major boost to the industry include tremendous increase in the retail sector of the country, improving the lifestyle of middle-income groups and the rapid growth of exports that demands excellent packaging standards to meet international market needs. These requirements are met by the corrugated box packaging industry in India.

Factors contributing to the growth of the Indian corrugated industry:

With the increasing use of corrugated boxes across the country and abroad from the last decade, the industry experienced a growth spurt. The production of corrugated cardboard boxes for single facer day has increased from 1387 to 2724 kgs. The following are the factors leading to the growth of the industry:

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Fruit and Vegetables Packaging
  • Consumer Durables

The main sectors that can influence the packaging industry for at least the next decade, are:

  • Electronic transaction processing.
  • Convenience packaging.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Marketability
  • Other benefits, such as labeling, Tamper Evidence, Freshness.
  • Environment-friendly

Corrugated packaging also called as convenience. Serving over beyond the fundamental purpose of preserving and protecting products. Some of the benefits provided are:

  • Consumers want products that are packaged conveniently easy to open.
  • For retailers, this form of packaging is used as a dispenser, a marketing tool with easy display feature.
  • Corrugated boxes also serve as a transport container.

Today, the use of corrugated boxes of very good quality is better in all areas, whether in pharmaceuticals, electronics or anything else. It is believed that if the cartons can not stand the risks of transport, no other form of packaging material can compensate for the damage of the product. His ability to present products and influence an attractive appearance is its main feature. India is becoming a global player in the scenario of corrugated packaging, after Pharma and Food Processing Industry.
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