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Corrugated boxes are similar to a carton, but the main difference is the pictures are more durable and do not have to worry about damaging their property when using corrugated boxes. It is widely used for packaging in the food industry because of the quality and safety of the boxes, as it is made of environmentally friendly materials.

These boxes are sometimes known as brown boxes and widely used for packaging fresh produce. If you are wondering what material is used for manufacturing these boxes, is made from fibrous pulp extracted from pine trees.

Using corrugated boxes is cheaper for companies because it is made of recycled cardboard boxes. Packaging company can break these cases, the method is similar to corrugated box making from the beginning. Not only can you save money on the purchase of these boxes, but you will be helping the environment too. You know for every 38 kg of boxes you use, you need to cut a pine tree full grown?

Another great advantage is that these materials do not have sharp edges that could harm while carrying boxes or class of goods with it .. It can also handle pressure well and can be stacked against each other without having to worry about damaging the boxes.

As indicated above, these boxes are made of recycled paper and it is safe for the environment. This is fine if your company goes to the status of "green technology". The materials used to manufacture these boxes are organic so that in no way are damaging the environment. No harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process of these types of packaging.

Corrugated boxes have smooth surfaces so you can print label stickers and paste them. Not only will the packaging company easy time with good labeling, but can also be a good brand for packaging. Remember that these boxes are made of durable materials and can be used so long as the boxes are out there in the market, will be offered as a good marketing strategy. You can print your logo, company name, phone number and even your Internet address on packaging labels.

With corrugated boxes and packaging, you can ensure that your goods will be delivered within no problems. This is because these containers have three or more layers of cardboard in corrugated cardboard boxes and their products can be packaged in a more compact way to prevent such movement during the journey. The layers really resistant to shock and vibrations during transport, providing cushion effect protection to their property. The final outer layer is a fluted medium which maintains the overall durability of the box, but may retain the extreme heat and pressure.
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